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Tidal Links - A New Wave of Sustainable Golf Products

Hello new readers,

It's been a long time coming, but we are proud to announce that we are ready to launch our range of sustainable golf accessories on the 21st January 2022. This range consists of driver head covers and accessory pouches, but not as you know them.

Check out our product range at and get 10% off your first order using the promo code LAUNCH at checkout.


Who are we?

We are a small Scottish company based on the west coast and provide high quality, sustainable alternatives to your typical golf products.

Scotland boasts some of the worlds best and most famous links golf courses, which share coastlines that are directly effected by the issues of ocean plastic and we want to do our bit to reduce that waste and clean up our coastlines.

We're the first company to offer golf accessories that are made from recycled ocean plastic. Tidal Links is passionate about golf, raising awareness around the issues with mismanaged plastic waste and the impact to our environment.


Where does our fabric come from?

The durable fabric used in our products was specifically developed with Oceanworks. It is made from 100% recycled ocean bound plastic and the look and feel of the fabric is high quality.

Ocean Bound Plastic (OBP) is a term created through Jambeck's research on ocean plastic origins and highlights that approximately 80% of ocean plastic originates from mismanaged plastic waste from within 50km of coastlines. This results in roughly 8 million metric tonnes of plastic ending up in our oceans.

In order to address the issue of ocean plastic, it is important to intercept it and direct it to recycling centres across the world, which is a large part of the good work that Oceanworks do. This however only scratches the surface with mismanaged plastic waste and at Tidal Links, we are driving more positive routes for this type of waste.

Our packaging is also 100% compostable and can be easily disposed of in a home composting bin, as well as commercial composting services, offering a sustainable alternative to traditional packaging.


Handmade in the United Kingdom

We are proud to say that all of our products are handmade locally in the United Kingdom. We'd love to highlight the fantastic level of support received throughout our supply chain, from initial sampling through to final production.

For both the head covers and accessory pouches, we offer a customised embroidery service, where we can print company and golf club logos, as per specific requirements. For more information, please click here and and complete the form with your specific requirements and we will be in touch.


We are excited to get started and look forward to increasing our product range in the near future. Feel free to subscribe to our mailing list to get the latest news and early access to limited product ranges - click here to subscribe.

I'm a keen golfer myself and I'm eager to help ensure that the coastlines that our great golf courses share are kept clean and reduce the waste that could enter our oceans.

All the best


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