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2024 PGA Show Recap

Being the first time I've attended the PGA show, the first thing that hit me was the shear scale of the event, where everything from start-ups to house hold names rubbing shoulders and showcasing their latest contributions to the golfing world.

It was a great opportunity to connect with old and new faces, talking about all things golf with brands and industry professionals. Our main objective in attending the show was to connect with the various golf clubs that we've been communicating with across the world. This was extremely productive, as we look to expand awareness of Tidal Links across to the American market and wider. 2024 looks to be an exciting year, with new collaborations in Europe and America to be announced soon.

There was some seriously impressive technology on display, particularly in the teaching space, with high tech simulators, putting green projectors and 3D weight tracking technology largely dominating this space. A golfer's paradise for those who like to delve into data and statistics - not so much targeted at me, but you can still appreciate the impressive displays and technology nonetheless.

With an event of this scale, minimising waste can be a challenge. There is however an opportunity for more to be done in this space, similar to what has been done with the Waste Management Phoenix Open (see our blog post on sustainability in golf). A particular improvement would be to removal of single use plastics at the event, which were widely used across the concession stands and throughout the show. There is often stark reminders that the golf industry as a whole has the potential to alter its image in terms of sustainability - but there are positive lights in this space from Sustainable Golf's GEO certification, to the various sustainability initiatives adopted by golf clubs and events, we can be hopeful for continuous improvement going forward. We'll look to issue a blog soon to share some of the recent sustainability initiatives across the golf industry.

Altogether a positive experience with exciting opportunities for Tidal Links going forward.

Catch up with you all soon.


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