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Catching Breath


A Brief Catch Up


Our first 4 months trading really have exceeded expectations and the positive feedback and interest from individuals, golf clubs and businesses has been fantastic. This has really given us the confidence to branch out and extend the range of products that we have on offer.


Brand New and Coming Soon


Fairway Wood Head Covers

Initial feedback from customers was that fairway wood head covers were a desired addition to our range, so we are in the process of extending our range and will have these available on our website next month. We are always extremely interested in what people would like to see from us and are more than happy to listen to new ideas. Feel free to reach out to us at

Limited Edition Head Cover Release

We are providing a limited batch release of a new 'ocean' fabric printed design on our range of head covers. We've been working with a digital textile printing company, who have eco-friendly textile printing methods that fit well with our values. These products will be offered to all subscribers early, before being opened wider to the public.

We anticipate that the limited edition products will launch in the next few months - we will keep you posted.

New Materials and Colours

At Tidal Links we are constantly exploring new options for our materials and designs to try and make our products as sustainable as possible. We are extremely excited that we are in the phase of trialling a new recycled ocean plastic material, which opens the door to a much wider range of colours that we can stock. We are hopeful that this will be on offer later this month.


Business to Business


We've been busy speaking with various businesses and golf clubs across the country and have received encouraging feedback around future business, particularly as golf clubs are looking more and more at their environmental impact. Providing more customisation, both in terms of designs and material colours is at the forefront of our focus through this summer.

Some of our recent success stories are summarised below:

Turnberry Golf Club

We are proud to announce that Turnberry Golf Club are stocking the latest Tidal Links products within their professional shop. Colin, Iain and their professional team have been fantastic and have provided us with a space in the pro shop that really showcases the products and helps raise awareness around the issues of ocean plastic waste. It's also fantastic to hear that the first order is selling well, with Turnberry placing a repeat order after 4 weeks!

Morton Golf Holidays

A big thanks to Dave Kerr at Morton Golf for switching to a more sustainable range of welcome gifts for their customers in 2022. Morton Golf organise golf packages in the UK and also are an Authorised Provider of tee times at the Old Course in St Andrews. Morton Golf are actively looking into ways to be more environmentally friendly within their golf packages and already have a silver award from Green Tourism. By switching to the Tidal Links accessories pouch, they're providing their customers with a unique handmade product that is both useful and raises awareness.

Quench Golf Day

Quench, a global HSEQ company, requested Tidal Links products for their company golf day at Meldrum House in Aberdeenshire. Our products were used as prizes for the participants.


Environmental Thought


Reduce Your Personal Care Plastic Waste

Approximately 552 million shampoo bottles end up in landfills every year, with only 1 in 5 items from the bathroom consistently recycled. There seems to be a common conception that these bottles are not recyclable, where most actually can be. A more sustainable option is switching to shampoo bars, which is becoming more and more popular, with lots of great companies now offering these as an alternative. Click on the link for a good article from GQ magazine for some ideas link.


Thanks again for everyone's support so far.


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