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Made Using Recycled Ocean Plastic

Ocean plastic waste has become a global issue, with at least 8 tonnes of plastic entering our oceans every year. Not only does ocean plastic impact the marine environment through ingestion and entanglement of hundreds of marine species, it also directly impacts our food safety and quality, with the migration of micro-plastics into our tap water.

In order to raise awareness of the issues around ocean plastics, Tidal Links are using its recycled ocean plastic range of products as a platform for change not only within golf, but throughout modern life. Our high quality products are made to last and offer you a sustainable alternative to golf products, without compromising on style or performance.

"Morton Golf are delighted to have such a wonderful, high-quality product to offer our clients as part of our welcome pack. Sustainability is becoming an increasing focus for our clients and we are committed to maintaining our natural environments for future generations of visitors to our wonderful country. To be able to provide branded items to our clients which are both extremely high-quality and made using recycled ocean plastic is truly fantastic."

Dave Kerr - Director - Morton Golf Travel

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Frequently Asked Questions

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